Balayage Services

Balayage Highlights at
Cynergy Color Bar

Sun-Kissed Elegance

Balayage is the art of freehand painting on the hair, creating natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights that seamlessly blend into your locks. At Cynergy Color Bar in Wake Forest, NC, our skilled stylists master this technique to give you a low-maintenance, effortlessly chic look that mimics the natural lightening effects of the sun on your hair.

Balayage Highlights in Wake Forest, NC

Why Choose Balayage?

  • Customized Highlights: Each balayage application is unique. Our stylists consider your hair type, color, and desired outcome to hand-paint highlights that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Natural-Looking Results: Balayage provides a soft, natural gradation of lightened hair, avoiding the demarcation lines typical of traditional foil highlights.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re looking for a subtle glow or a bold transformation, balayage can be customized to suit your style.
a month ago
Savannah is absolutely amazing and I am so blessed that I have found her! She is phenomenal with blonde hair and she definitely knows what she’s doing. Everyone at Cynergy is so nice and welcoming! I just absolutely love the atmosphere in this environment and they treat you like a queen.




Balayage Ends:

Perfect for adding a subtle lift to your ends. Approx. 30 mins, from $20.00

Full Head Balayage:

Achieve a complete, sun-kissed look with a full head of balayage. Approx. 135 mins, from $150.00

Partial Balayage:

Quick root touch-up for those on the go. Approx. 30 mins, from $40.00

Balayage at Cynergy Color Bar is more than just a highlighting service; it’s a personalized hair artistry session that leaves you with beautiful, naturally lit locks. Embrace the effortless elegance of balayage by booking your appointment today and let our experts transform your hair with the warm, radiant glow of the sun.