Foilyage Services

Foilyage Highlights

Bold and Beautiful

Foilyage is a modern hair coloring technique that marries the hand-painted artistry of balayage with the intensity and precision of traditional foils. At Cynergy Color Bar in Wake Forest, NC, our talented stylists harness this innovative method to create vibrant, dimensional highlights that make a statement while maintaining a natural transition of color.

Foilyage Color Services

Full Head Foilyage:

Transform your look with a full head of vivid, dimensional foilyage highlights. Approx. 135 mins, from $160.00

Partial Foilyage:

Opt for partial foilyage to add a touch of brightness and contrast to specific areas, perfect for a more subtle enhancement. Approx. 75 mins, from $145.00

Foilyage at Cynergy Color Bar is the perfect choice for those looking to combine the natural, sun-kissed effect of balayage with the dramatic, vibrant results of foils. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle lift or a complete transformation, our expert stylists will craft a customized foilyage look that’s uniquely yours.

Why Choose Foilyage?

  • Enhanced Lift & Saturation: Foilyage offers more pronounced lightening than balayage, ideal for those seeking bolder highlights or working with darker base colors.
  • Customizable Depth: By strategically placing foils, our stylists can achieve greater depth and dimension, tailoring the look to your personal style and hair goals.
  • Long-Lasting Vibrancy: The foil technique allows for a more concentrated application, ensuring your highlights remain vibrant and dynamic for longer.